Experience proximity to the elements

Experience Norwegian coastal culture, fresh air, the smell of seaweeds, rain, wind and the ever changing light. Enjoy local food from the islands Frøya and Hitra.

Fantastic archipelago

The island Frøya at the coast of Trøndelag, Norway, is surrounded by a fantastic archipelago with more than 5,400 islets and reefs. Explore this fascinating part of Norway! The great nature provides opportunities for a variety of exciting adventures and activities.

Exciting adventures are waiting

Be facinated by the crystal clear sea, do some fishing, dive and more.

Island jumping

“Jump” from island to island by an archipelago cruise. Enjoy the atmosphere at the islets.

Ocean safaris

Join in for an ocean safari with the possibilities of seeing eagles, seals and maybe killer whales.

Experience the islands outside Frøya

Islands off Frøya; Sula, Bogøyvær and Mausund, all have their own distinctive eateries / pubs. Join for a pub to pub trip by boat. If you are looking for some extra speed and excitement Wold Kysttransport will take you rafting at the ocean.